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Company Overview

> Who We Are

was formed in 2003 by two widely experienced IT contractors who realised that there were alternatives to the technology they were providing to large blue-chip clients which would allow smaller business the same technological advantages as organisation's with much larger budgets.

The Managing Director of is David Nicholls BSc (Hons). Since completing his degree in Management Science in 1997, David went on to become an sucessfull IT Specialist Management Consultant working for large organisation's throughout the UK.

David Comments: "The real benefit our clients have found working with us, is that coming from a background in Management Consultancy allows us to take a real value added approach to IT; what is the point of spending on IT when there is no significant improvement in the business?".

"We don't look at the provision of technology from a quick sale viewpoint, rather we like to provide flexible, yet expandable solutions that allow businesses to work smarter and more efficiently."

Since bring formed, has grown year on year and added a broad range of skills, products and expertise to the portfolio it offers.

> What we do

specialise in SME custom built IT solutions. The core aim of our products and services is to provide businesses's with advanced technological abilities that allow them to work more effectively and efficiently and get more business.

With a very heavy emphasis on security and reliability, provides a range of robust products that are both reliable and employ some of the most advanced security available today.

possess expertise in a range of areas and can provide a number of services including Website Development, Custom built servers, Telecoms solutions, Consultancy, Security Advice and Support Services.

One of our core philosophies is to try and keep things simple, from the way we communicate to the use of the products we provide. We don't try and 'blind you with science' and will only provide what is of benefit to your organisation.

> How we do it

make heavy use of the Linux Operating System, This allows us to utilise one of the most reliable, secure, flexible and cost effective collection of software solutions to provide a range of tools that advance and expand business capabilities.

If you have not heard of Linux and Open Source Software, there are a large number of benefits of making use of it.

Open Source software provides unrivaled adaptability and flexibility that is vital to today's business and allows us to build cost custom effective and innovative solutions to IT problems.

We are able to provide and support Microsoft based solutions, however the costs can be many times higher.

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