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Broadband Solutions

> Broadband and Internet Connectivity


The broadband market is a fast changing environment. Cafe Networks has partnered with one of the UK's leading Internet Service Providers to enable the provision of one of the most robust and reliable Internet connections available.

Currently using broadband from another provider? You can switch to our servers absolutely FREE! It is a simple and easy process and your business should not be disconnected from the Internet for more than a couple of minutes!

Worried about signing another 12 month contract? All our ADSL products come with just a 30day contract.

Need a faster speed? Save thousands! Ask us our Load Balanced and SDSL products.

As well as your actual Internet Connection for email and web browsing, make the most of what a fast connection to the internet can provide. Improve your business and industry information and the ways you interact with your customers, clients and suppliers.

Save money with our Web Server products, add your companies own IMAP email server, improve the reliability and security of your emails with pgp signing and email encryption.

Make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will allow your business to connect branch offices or remote workers to the corporate network cheaply and securely.

Whether you want faster or cheaper site-to-site communications or the ability to access your applications from a laptop or PDA whilst out of the office.

provide possibly the most flexible and complete VPN solution available today. The VPN's are fast, cost-effective and extremely secure.

Keep your vital business data safe and secure by utilizing our remote data backup services.

> Speed up your Internet Connection

If you have an Internet connection that is shared between multiple users, have a range of solutions to speed up the connection.

These include:

> Shared Broadband Networks

Ideally suited For Business Centres and other shared networks, our Managed shared broadband network solutions give an aditional source of income that allows you to give access, if you choose to only particular, paying customers.

When a user connects to the network, they're met with a customisable web page that explains how to arrange connection to the internet. Payments can be taken online or the centre can charge the tenants directly for usage.

A range of tools can be added to the network to ensure that a fast connection is received by all tenants.

can provide local and/or premium rate telephone support to all tenants Content viewed by tenants can be restricted to ensure only appropriate websites are viewed The networks can be either Wired, Wireless or even both.

Additional features can be added to the network including:

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