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Free Telephone Calls Available from

We are a dedicated to providing a first-class and personalized service to our customers.

We supply everything your business needs for successful communications and we specialise in demonstrating how you can use innovations in telecoms for maximum efficiency.

Our comprehensive product range includes fixed telephone lines and call traffic, mobile phones and non-geographic (0800, 0845 and 0870) numbers.

We also supply and maintain a range of telephone systems. Perhaps one of our most exciting produces is our Network Free Call service.

Network Free-Call enables your company to enjoy completely free inter-site calls at any time of day. This can include calls to and from any home workers.

Free calls are achieved simply by dialling the number as normal, so you don't have to purchase expensive Voice over IP equipment.

We simply set up any number you wish to include on to our network and then all calls to that number will be free.

However the real benefit is even bigger because it is not limited just to your sites. This means you can make free calls to other companies, if they put their lines on to our network.

We also offer very competitive rates for calls, line rental and mobile as well as supplying services such as telephone systems, broadband and IT support.

To find out more about our telephone service and about free telephone calls, please call: or use our contact form.

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