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> Training for web design

Cafe Networks provides training for in-house and company web designers.

Our trainers often provide one to one coaching, to enable company web designers to reach professional standards.

We train company web designers to achieve the best possible results for their web sites. We provide both on-site training and off-site training

> Training in-house web designers

Clients come to us to help them build and maintain their company sites. We share our skills with them through our structured training programmes. We can provide classroom courses, and we have our onsite training room at our Leicester offices.

We often engage in one to one and small group coaching. We also go out to provide training at client's premises; we charge extra for this and insist on having the right software and equipment in place and a suitable environment in which to work.

Our training room at Cafe Networks is fully equipped and provides a comfortable and quiet venue in which to work. We tailor our bespoke training programmes to fit the needs and requirements of our clients.

We train our clients in what they need to know. Often we take people with fairly good basic abilities and graft on skills and knowledge that will bring them up to professional standards.

We also work with complete beginners, to help them get started with their websites. We also provide a post-training, technical support service for up to three months following a training session.

> Training in search engine optimisation

Getting your web site to the top of the search engine listings is a complex and difficult procedure. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge to achieve and there are no easy short cuts.

Our training is designed to equip web workers with the know how to ensure that their web sites get as high as possible in the results.

> Call us now

Call us now to find out how our training services can help support and improve your company's web site: 0800 027 0803

Our principal Training Manager - Trevor Locke - has been conducting web design training courses for over 10 years. He ran the first accredited course in Leicester.

He has taught City and Guilds and IBT3 and has delivered a wide range of commercial web design training sessions.

His training clients included The Natural History Museum, the Ministry of Defence, the BBC, Kraft Foods, Eurostar, Leicestershire County Council, Coca Cola Enterprises and many more blue chip corporations.

He also has a wealth of experience of providing one to one coaching and consultancy for small to medium sized businesses.

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