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Website Maintenance

> Web design consultancy services

Keeping your web site moving

Web sites that change regularly are more effective.

We can change your website for you.

Use our 'Pay as you go' maintenance service.

Cafe Network's site content management service offers a fast, affordable way of updating your web pages. Keeping web sites up to date and refreshed is important for their success.

Regular updating boosts a web site's ranking in search engines. Visitors will return more frequently if they see that the content of a web site is changing on a regular basis.

Want to update your site yourself? We can advise you on the best software and procedures.

Your web site needs to be kept up to date and regularly maintained. A web page that has its content refreshed every month will be more likely to be found in search engines. Visitors are more likely to come back to a site where they find new content each time they see the page.

The content updating service provided by Cafe Networks Leicester is easy to use and can be afforded by most businesses. You purchase the amount of service you require and you get the work done when you need it to be done.

> How our content maintenance system works

You purchase a number of units. Once your plan has been set up, you send us your changes by email and we will update your web pages within 24 hours.

This is NOT an automated service - all work is done manually by highly skilled web designers. The reason for this is that we look at the content of your web pages and ensure that they are optimised for search engine effectiveness.

Changes to the words on the page might also require consequential changes to things like keywords, titles and various other technical factors that will affect the chances of that page being found in a search.

If you want to know more download our Website Maintenance Plans information sheet.

> Web Site Maintenance Plan - 2006

If you already have a web site, you will need to keep it up to date. Cafe Networks can do this for you. We will make amendments to your web site Ė when you need us to. Our Site Maintenance Plan will allow you to have your site updated on demand. It is a speedy and reliable service.

> Pay as you go

Buy maintenance units. When ever you need some work doing, simply order your amendments by phone or e-mail. Your account will be adjusted accordingly. If you run out of maintenance credits, simply top up with more.

> How it works

We send you an order form. You decide how many maintenance units you want to purchase. Send the form back and we will invoice you. Each unit is worth 15 minutes of work time.

The maintenance units are not time limited. You use them as and when you need to. We will send you a detailed statement of account so you can see exactly how much you have used and how much is left on your account.

To use the service you need to purchase your units in advance. Then you can order changes to your web site on demand. We guarantee to make the changes you require within 24 hours (during the working week).

Maintenance plans can be used on more than one web site.

Itís very simple but above all itís reliable.

Contact our sales team now for detailed information.

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